Building The Future.

Today’s technology can be confusing. Knowing how to assemble the needed equipment, build the infrastructure needed, and setting up the software are all daunting tasks for the uninitiated. But there is no need to face it alone. JL Tech’s experienced technicians know how to assemble and install the future, for both commercial and residential applications.

Proven Technology.

Whether you need a smart home or a complete surveillance system, using the best tools available can make a major difference. Knowing how to professionally install the equipment and configure the tools is even more important. Why face this daunting task alone? JL Tech’s personnel can select the appropriate equipment and design a seamless infrastructure. Then they can install it all – worry free.

Custom Solutions.

There is nothing more frustrating than making a major purchase and finding it doesn’t meet your needs. Pre-packaged kits might not scale with your needs. Replacing failed components can be expensive and confusing. There is no need for a one-size-fits-all package. JL Tech can design a system for your home or business that fits you perfectly. These systems are also scalable, so they grow with your needs.

Unified end to end solutions.

Commercial IT.

Business technology has exploded over the last 30 years. Companies now rely on a vast array of technology for their everyday needs. Daily activities, marketing products, communication, even security for physical and digital assets – today’s businesses can’t thrive without modern tools and services. All too often these important tasks are left to one person. Making JL Tech part of your team can free your company to concentrate on business.

Benefits of JLTech
Access Control
Unified end to end solutions.

Residential IT.

It wasn’t very long ago that having a television was the smartest part of your home. Now, with the explosion in popularity of Internet of Things (IoT), the “smart” home is becoming more prevalent. Having basic tasks, entertainment, information, and even security integrated into one seamless presence is appealing. But smart technology can be confusing to install. Letting JL Tech install your smart home services is, well, smart.

Benefits of JLTech
Smart Homes
Home offices
Unified end to end solutions.


Thieves and hackers want nothing more than to take your stuff. Whether commercial or residential, lack of security causes untold amounts of damage to people’s lives. But having the latest devices, firmware, and software is only the beginning. Sometimes people are the biggest security liabilities. Let JL Tech not only audit and upgrade your security technology, but also train individuals on how to combat the threats that can disrupt your lives.

Benefits of JLTech
Security Audits
Infrastructure Security
Application Security
Personnel Training
Unified end to end solutions.

A Long Term Partner.

Being alone can be the scariest feeling in the world. This is especially true when dealing with the technology you use at home or at your business. Equipment will degrade and break. Software will become obsolete. Criminals will find new ways to skirt security. But staying on top of your technology needs doesn’t have to be scary. JL Tech will help you for the long haul. We will keep your systems functioning their best so you can concentrate on what is important to you.

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