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Sky is the limit.

Drones have gone from a novelty to being highly capable aerial platforms that can cover a vast variety of fields. We have a wide range of different types of drones to handle whatever you may need. From our 5-inch FPV drones to our cinema-ready heavy lift octo-copter, all our drones are ready to take to the skies for your next project.


JL Tech provides aerial filming services for production companies looking to add more value to their products. We have a robust selection of different drones and payloads, including the ability to use your own cameras. We can integrate perfectly with your workflow ensuring additional value without adding complication to the production process.

aerial cinestar drone

Aerial Inspections.

JL Tech can also handle aerial inspections. Checking cell towers and other structures for damage with traditional methods introduces risk to personnel, as well as taking considerable amounts of time. Aerial inspections eliminate risk to your employees, while also gathering critical information much more quickly.

drones for aerial inspections

First Responders Assistance.

Emergency situations require access to information as quickly as possible. JL Tech’s drones offer a cost-effective way for first responders to get the information they need. Eyes in the sky are often a firefighter’s best tool for finding flareups, as well as spotting areas that are prone to fire. Search and rescue operations can use drones to quickly find lost persons in large areas and rough terrain.

aerial cinestar drone
various drones for realestate photography

Real Estate.

Alongside our real estate photography services, we also provide aerial photography. Take your listings to a new height with photos that capture a whole new perspective. Looking for something totally unique? Our FPV pilots can do interior/exterior drone tours with our miniature drones for a new take on real estate videography. Additionally, we can do neighborhood tours to encourage even more sales.

FAA Certified.

All our pilots are FAA Part 107 Certified for commercial drone operations. As such, they are trained on proper airspace usage, safety techniques, and flight guidelines that keep everything in check. This training, alongside their time spent in flight simulators and regular flight practice make our pilots highly capable of whatever mission you need flown. Your imagination is the limit to our capabilities.

federal aviation administration part 107 compliant

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